Present Activities (2004 - 2009)

• Enhancements to "STEELSTRAT" for the MITTAL STEEL SA Iron and Steel Works in South-Africa.

• Enhancements to "COALSTRAT" for the KUMBA Grootegeluk Coal Mine to further beneficiate their low ash coals.

• Development of a new holistic optimisation model for the KUMBA Base Metals ZINCOR refinery, completed. Second stage scheduled for mid-2004, the modelling of the concentrate supplying Rosh Pinah Zinc & Lead Mine completed mid 2005. Implementation taking place from July 2005 onwards.

• Conducting techno-economic studies for ZIMASCO ferrochrome with a view to evaluating alternative reductants. Completed end 2004.

• Completion of Anglo Platinum's OPTIMAL CONCENTRATES ALLOCATION LP-MODEL and WORTH OF CONCENTRATES techno-economic study. Implementation taking place from mid 2005 onwards

• Completion of the De Beers Kimberley Mines dump processing optmisation model down to metallurgical plant level of detail. Implementation during 2005.

• Ongoing enhancement of the metallurgical value chain optimisation models for Kumba Sishen Iron Ore Mine with specific reference to their current expansion studies.

• Ongoing techno-economic modelling of Kumba Coal Division's CHAR project including market research studies.

• Development of a Kumba-A.A.C. Base Metals rationalisation optimisation model. In the prototype phase.

• Early optimisation of the planning of the expansion of the Kumba Grootegeluk model to include and enhance the coal beneficiation routes (existing and new) to meet Eskom’s Matimba Power Station’s coal requirement demands in the event of such an expansion realising at Matimba.

• Development of an LP-model for the integrated mining and metallurgical complex of the Kalahari Resources (Pty) Ltd. Ferro-manganese project.

• "PITSTRAT" optimisation studies for the Phoenix project of Mittal Steel SA and Kumba Resources Ltd. Mining blocks in the Thabazimbi Mine (open pit iron ore) are optimally scheduled to the DMS and jigging plants under constraints of mining geometry, each block's washing curves, haulage and plant capacities and taking into account each block's chemical analysis. The output is a maximum cash flow life of mine plan divided into years.

• Development of a "mining face to metal order book" linear and mixed integer model for Namakwa Sands - an integrated heavy mineral sands producer of zircon, rutile, zirkwa, tiokwa and illmenite through to pig iron and salable slags. The model includes the mining operations linked with primary, secondary and magnetic separation plants as well as the smelting operation in Saldanha Bay on the West Coast of South Africa. The smelting operation section of the model contains the full metallurgical balances, slag chemistry and heat balance for the two DC furnaces.

• "PITSTRAT" optimisation studies for the Kumba Resources Sishen Iron Ore Mine "SEP" expansion project. Results ex the optimisation runs will assist Management in deciding which blasting blocks(*) to extract in which time periods and to route to which beneficiation plants or combination of plants (Dense Media Separation Plant (DMS) / Jigging Plant / Bypass Washing Plant) and in which proportions to blend these streams in order to maximise iron content within the maxima specifications of the contaminants e.g. P, S, Al2O3, K2O etc. The objective function is maximisation of NPV under constraints of the mining geometry and maxima capacities of mining, hauling, plants' throughputs, railage to the Saldanha Bay Port and of course sales.
(*) Blocks grouped in order to reduce block numbers thereby speeding up the optimisation execution time.

• Development of a 14-16% Ferro-Silicon electric arc furnace linear programming model for DMS Powders in Meyerton South Africa - the largest producer of milled and atomised ferrosilicon in the world. The model includes the induction furnaces as well as the downstream milling and atomised processes, linked to blending, stockpiling and sales. Full metallurgical, slag chemistry and heat balances are included as well as the interaction between them. The objective function is the maximisation of pre-tax Net Present Value.

• Various enhancements and maintenance projects for a number of LP & MIP model installations of LSLPS e.g. De Beers Marine, Namakwa Sands, Exxaro Char, Kalahari Resources, Kumba Iron Ore and Zimasco FeCr in Zimbabwe. Extensive techno-economic studies have been conducted for the Rosh Pinah Zinc and Copper Mine in neighbouring Namibia.

• Latter half of 2008:- Optimisation studies for Trafigura Windhoek Mining Team Namibia, into the feasibility of the resuscitation of a number of iron ore mines (*) in Angola and linked to ore beneficiation (DMS and Jigging) prior to pelletising en route to a proposed iron and steel works (blast furnaces (** ), energy optimising furnaces, steel rolling mills as well as DRI (***) options linked to EAFs).
(*) Large mining blocks used in "PITSTRAT" to find an optimal allocation of blocks to beneficiation plants, pellet plants, DRI and furnaces.
(**) Furnace technology modelled is the mini charcoal fired type.
(***) DRI technology modelled is natural gas type.

• 2009:- Various enhancements and maintenance projects for a number of LP & MIP model installations of LSLPS e.g. De Beers Marine, Zimasco FeCr in Zimbabwe and Zincor.

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